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dermaviduals® miscellaneous comprises tools and aids for the use of dermaviduals® products in beauty institutes

Applicator sponge
free of latex for make-up and camouflage application
Beaker 50 ml
for mixing active agent concentrates
dermaviduals® pill mask
Pure cotton fleece mask compressed into pills
Dispenser for 20 ml bottles
for sale of the active agent concentrates (substitutes pipettes)
Dispenser pump
for 500 ml cabinet products
Empty dispenser 100 ml
for forming shaving foam
for 20 ml bottles to fill active agent concentrates
Light protection glass bottle 20 ml
for bottling of liquid samples, with dispenser
Magic cube container
to store individually blended powder shades
Measuring cylinder 10 ml
for measuring active agent concentrates
Measuring spoon
for measuring base modelage and water
Metal spatula
to mix individual creams and make-up
One-way pipette
for 100 ml bottles
Sample jar 5 ml
for bottling of samples
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