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The dermaviduals®-basic line is used for the daily skin care. Base creams are available in 50 ml dispensers ready for use.

Body cream
for normal and dry skin
Body lotion
Skin care for the whole body with shea butter, olive oil and vitamin E
Cleansing gel
For gentle cleansing
Cleansing milk with DMS
Gentle cleansing and skin care
dermaviduals® day cream Plus
Care of very sensitive skin
dermaviduals® day cream S
Care of extremely sensitive skin
dermaviduals® day cream
Care of sensitive skin
DMS base cream Classic
Skin care for normal and greasy skin
DMS base cream High Classic Plus
Skin care for dehydrated and low fat skin
DMS base cream High Classic
Skin care for dehydrated and sensitive skin
DMS hand cream
Care for stressed hands.
DMS mask with vitamins
A, C, E, D-Panthenol for all skin types
DMS peeling cream
Gently polishes and removes impurities
Eye cream
Intense care of eye areas and décolleté.
Eye gel Plus
With hyaluronic acid and butcher´s broom for care around the eyes
Face lotion M
tightens and refreshes skin and connective tissue
Face tonic
Refreshing tonic with moisturizing cucumber extract
Total cleansing cream
For gentle cleansing of the whole body
Vitamin cream mask
with vitamin A, C, E und D-Panthenol for facial and body care
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