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  Mexameter® MX 18
to measure melanin (pigmentation)/redness (erythema)

The measuring principle for the melanin and erythema readings is based on a source of light with three specific wavelengths whose radiation is absorbed by the skin and diffusely reflected. A photo detector analyses the diffuse reflection from the skin. If the skin is well supplied with blood also the hemoglobin value is increased. Consequently, it is possible to evaluate the stimulation of the micro circulation before and after applications with the measuring of the hemoglobin value. The same measuring probe is also used to quantify the skin redness (erythema) and determine the degree of skin tanning (melanin). This allows to evaluate stimulating effects on the blood circulation as e.g. by caffeine. Besides the tanning degree also a decrease in hyperpigmentation due to the effects of bleaching products can be measured. Also irritating effects of cosmetics as well as soothing effects of active agents like butcher's broom, echinacea, D-panthenol, evening primrose oil and linseed oil can thus be documented.

Mexameter® MX 18

Mexameter® MX 18

For general information on skin diagnosis please refer to the following publications:

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