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  Applied Corneotherapy

At KOKO GmbH & Co. KG the applied corneotherapy focuses on:

  • continuous transfer of the corneotherapeutical principles to the cosmetic practice ("Extended Corneotherapy").
  • promotion of the dermatological skin care and skin diagnosis.
  • development of treatment procedures with regard to cosmetic and medical indications. Please look at the mediathek for examples of cosmetic treatment procedures.
  • training seminars for professionals in the fields of cosmetics, pharmacy and dermatology on a regular base.


Applied Corneotherapy
Corneotherapy - current stage of development
Corneotherapy - what is it?
Cosmetic treatments
Indications for nanodispersions
International Association for Applied Corneotherapy
Lamellar preparations
Lamellar systems - application and limitations
Microcosm of modular skin care formulations
Studies on the efficacy
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